About the blog

Photo by: Jakob Eskildsen (www.jakobeskildsen.com)As the happy owner of a MSc degree in Public Health sciences as well as a degree in journalism I have somehow found a small (but important) corner of Public Health and Science which I find especially interesting. Public Health Science Communication has become both my speciality and my passion.

Taking the best from the world of public health and the world of journalism I spend my time exploring the many different dimensions of public health science communication. I have especially been digging into how social media can play a role in the communication of Public Health research. An area I find has so much potential and can contribute immensely to both the communication of public health and public health research itself. It is my hope that public health science communication one day will be made a compulsory part of the curriculum for all public health students

As an external lecturer at Medical Museion at the Department of Public Health at University of Copenhagen, Denmark I teach both graduate and ph.d. students about the wonderful and necessary dimensions of science communication. In addition to the external lectureship, I take on assignments that revolve around public health and communication, ranging from writing reports, improving funding applications and advising on the use of social media in disaster and emergency settings. I am always looking for new challenges, so please do contact me if you think I can be of help with one of your projects.

I use this blog to share with the world the questions that come to mind, great examples of public health science communication and other things that my fingers feel like typing.

All comments are welcome (or on Medical Museion’s webpage where my posts are double posted)! I look forward to discussing with you all! You can also follow me on Twitter under @bjerglund where I’d be more than happy to discuss with you!

7 thoughts on “About the blog”

  1. Hey Nina! Great blog you have here – looking forward to more posts and perspectives. I write about innovation in public health at Pulse + Signal. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the encouraging words. I shall definitely continue my exploring of social media and public health. Thanks for the referal to Pulse+Signal. Very intersting blog!

  2. Melanie Boeckmann said:

    Hi Nina, I stumbled upon your blog via the Public Health Twit Journal club. The world is really small! Greetings, Melanie (we met last winter in Japan)

  3. Hello! I’m very excited to see and be part of your exploration of Healthcare and social media or public health and social media. You’re welcome to join our #hcsmanz Twitter chat every Sunday at 2000 AEST.

    Malene Larsen was one of the first bloggers to influence me. I’m sure you have heard of her or maybe even met her. Looking fwd to reading your posts and findings.

    • Just realised I never replied to your comment. I’m glad you’re enjoying my scribbles. I’ll see if I can manage to join #hcsmanz one sunday – could be interesting.

      And thanks for the tip on Malene Larsen.

      Best regards,

  4. Hi Nina,
    Terrific new blog, looking forward to following.


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