Favorite examples of the translation of health science to traditional media?

For the second module of the course in Public Health Science Communication we’ll be looking at the Translation of public health science to traditional (and new) media.

I have asked the students to find and bring examples of public health sciences communicated in news articles, YouTube videos, blog posts, TEDtalks etc. but I was hoping that I could get even more examples of favorite health communication examples from readers of this blog. It can be any example – a favorite because of its bad communication, fun communication, creative, alternative, good.

An example I like of how comparison of scale can be to used communicate something difficult to understand because of the micro universe it takes place in is the documentary “The great sperm race” by Channel 4 in conjunction with the Wellcome Trust. The documentary is supported by a website with additional materials, facts, games etc.

What are your favorites?

8 thoughts on “Favorite examples of the translation of health science to traditional media?

  1. Karen Oppfeldt

    I don’t know if it falls into the caterogy you are looking for Nina, but I generally really like the GAP-minder presentations by the Gapminder inventor Hans Rosling. E.g. this one with a nice mix of his “old school professor style” and the very cool IT-based tool http://www.gapminder.org/videos/liver-cancer-statistics/
    There are plenty of examples/videos on different (health related) topics and the tool is available with lots of statistics to play with.

    • HI Boris, thanks for sharing. It’s a great example – which is just illustrated by the fact that two people linked to it on this blog. I didn’t know of it before, but will definitely use it as a good example in the future

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