4 thoughts on “An interesting union: Wikipedia + journal articles”

  1. It’s so good to see a strong movement towards open access as long as the community of educators and researchers can stay involved to ensure high quality material.

    1. Agreed – for this to be successful it needs the support and engagement of the research community. Hopefully this initiative can help make them see the potential

  2. The problem with Topic Pages is that the reasercher will see its article in Wikipedia changed by the most persistent person and the name of the researcher will not appear as the author of the article in the Encyclopedia.

    1. Interesting problem, which I had not considered in the blog post. Reference to the original article (with a link) is made at the bottom of the Wiki page “This article incorporates text from a scholarly publication published under a copyright license that allows anyone to reuse, revise, remix and redistribute the materials in any form for any purpose”. But it will only be apparent to the user/reader that scrolls down to the very bottom of the page.

      Is this a problem of which you have real examples – I would love to learn more about this.

      Thanks for the comment!

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