Blog post recommendation: How to use Twitter at your next medical conference

I have a few times now written about Twitter and its use in relation to research (eg. the post 10 Ways Researchers Can Use Twitter and my own Twitter experiences at Science Online London 2011). Following up on this I thought I’d just recommend a blog post I came across today. The post is entitled How to use Twitter at your next medical conference.

In the article, Christian Sinclair, a blogger at, gives a quick overview of how Twitter can be used at medical conferences, but the list applies to any kind of conference. Twitter can for example be a good initiator of discussions and to interact with eg. the moderator of panel discussions. It can be a useful tool to identify people working in the same area as yourself and set up meetings during the breaks, but also as a tool to capture information during the presentations and share it with not only others but also yourself after the conference where you can refer back to your tweets.

Admitted, it is hard to explain and understand how using Twitter during a conference actually works, but I think this blog post highlights some good points, and most of them reflect very much my first experiences with the recipe of Twitter+Conference.

I look forward to seeing this used in Public Health conferences. Perhaps it will even play a role at the upcoming European Public Health Conference which will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, 9-11 November 2011. At least they have a Twitter account (with so far 10 followers), and who knows there might even be a hashtag for the conference at some point….

2 thoughts on “Blog post recommendation: How to use Twitter at your next medical conference

  1. I think the same, medicine must keep pace with technology, as you mentioned a good help to increase the interactivity between the presenter and the audience would twitter, this way a physician of a particular country does not need to travel to another to make a incestigacion a conference on, and the effect would be the same, with the savings veneficio time

    • It will be exiting to follow where all of this goes. At times where the economies are going down, twitter is a good additional and in some cases perhaps even alternative way to share knowledge, ideas and insight also across countries


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